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There’s something about sitting in the nail salon and getting a fresh coat of polish on your nails. Maybe you’re not a polish person, but whatever you like getting done to your nails, nothing beats a professional salon.

Whether you have an important event coming up or just enjoy getting your nails done, finding a nail salon near you is the first step. You’ll want to search for nail salons near you to see what services they offer as well as their price list.

We’ve compiled some helpful tips for finding a nail salon near you and other information like nail salon etiquette to help. If you’re on the hunt for a “nail salon near me”, the information below should help get you started.

Searching for Nail Salons Near You

You can easily pull up your favorite search engine and type in “nail salon near me” and let location services do the rest. Below you’ll find a map with several nail salons near you that you can browse through.

Choosing a Nail Salon Near You

As you look at nail salons near you, there are a few things you’ll want to think about before choosing the right one for you. The best thing to do before making an appointment or walking into the salon is to do your research.

You’ll want to read through the reviews left by other patrons. The reviews will give you more insight into the quality of the salon and if they regularly have happy clients.

After you find one or two that you like, you should always call ahead to confirm the information you find online. Here are other factors to consider as you choose a nail salon near you.

If there are Strong Odors in the Nail Salon

It’s no secret that nail salons have a distinct odor. Most salons smell of nail polish and other chemicals that are used to create beautiful nails.

If strong odors bother you, looking into a salon with a minimal odor might be best for you. The best way to know if a nail salon has a strong odor is to stop in. Even if you don’t get your nails done that day, you can ask employees your questions while assessing how strong the smell is.

The Nail Services They Offer

Before choosing one, you need to know what nail services a salon offers. Most salons offer the same services, but it’s wise to double-check that they provide what you’re looking for. This way, you don’t get your hopes up before your appointment, or you show up. Most nail salons will offer similar services, such as:

  • Basic manicure
  • French manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Natural manicure
  • Men’s natural manicure
  • Gel manicure
  • Gel polish
  • DIP manicure
  • DIP set
  • Acrylic full set
  • Acrylic fill

Each salon is different, which is why it’s important to look online, stop in, or call to get a better idea of all the services they offer. Knowing what services they offer can help you choose the right salon for you and your nail goals.

Their Price List

Every nail salon has a price list. Most salons are good at breaking down service by service, so you know precisely what your total service will cost.

The price list will depend on where you list, the specific nail salon, and who doesn’t do your nails. Many salons don’t post their prices online, so you’ll need to call and ask or visit the salon.

Nail Salon Etiquette

When you visit a nail salon, there’s some standard etiquette that you’ll want to think about. Every salon is a little different, but some etiquette rules will apply across the board, no matter where you live and what salon you choose.

Phone Usage

Most nail salons don’t mind if you’re on your phone during your service. Whether you’re getting a pedicure or manicure, you’ll want to make sure your phone is on silent or vibrate so that it doesn’t disturb other patrons and the technicians working diligently.

If you’re going to be talking on the phone, you’ll want to keep your volume to a minimum to be respectful to everyone in the salon.

As for texting during a nail appointment, it’s okay. Most nail technicians won’t mind as long as you’re paying attention and cooperating when they need to switch hands and aren’t delaying their process.

Playing music from your phone during your appointment is frowned upon in most salons. Some don’t mind you doing so as long as you have headphones in, but you still want to be able to communicate and listen to your nail tech.

It’s always best to double-check with the nail salon you choose to make sure you know their phone policies, so you’re not being disrespectful.

Food and Beverages

Many nail salons will offer beverages and even snacks for patrons. Sometimes it’s complementary, and other times you’ll have to pay.

If your chosen nail salon offers complimentary beverages, the polite thing to do is to keep it to a minimum. You don’t want your nail tech running back and forth, grabbing your drinks constantly. Doing so will inhibit them from doing their job and promptly completing their nails.

Many nail salons let you bring your coffee or water to your appointment. Usually, there’s no issue with this as long as it’s prohibiting your nail tech from doing their job. As for food, it’s usually frowned upon because it can be messy and slow down the appointment.


Depending on the salon you choose and the nail tech you get, there might be more conversation than just choosing your color, shape, and nail length.

It’s customary to make small talk with your nail tech, but if you’re not comfortable with that, that’s okay. You’ll want to keep your conversations light and public-appropriate to be respectful to your nail tech and everyone else in the nail salon.

How To Tell Your Nail Tech You’re Unhappy With Something

One of the most uncomfortable things many people go through at a nail salon is having to tell their nail tech that they’re unsatisfied with the service. Standing up for yourself can feel incredibly awkward, but you’re a paying customer, and it’s okay to ask for changes that don’t meet your expectations.

If you find yourself in this situation, there’s a right and wrong way to handle it. It would be best if you didn’t get loud or angry with your nail tech.

Instead, point out how you wanted something different or that they made whatever mistake and politely ask them to fix it. Kindness will go further than being angry and upset about the situation.

What’s Included in the Price at a Nail Salon

Depending on what nail salon you choose, pricing will be different. Not only will prices vary, but some salons offer all-inclusive pricing while others have an a la carte service. It’s best to check with your chosen salon, so you know what to expect.

For example, a traditional manicure should almost always include cuticle trimming and hangnail extraction as part of the service. Some salons include a short hand massage at the end of a manicure in the total price but others might charge for this additional service.

Pedicure services are usually more all-inclusive at salons. When you arrive for your pedicure appointment, typically, you’ll have a “menu” of different pedicure options. Some offer hot stones, a wax soak, and more.

These pedicure services will have several services included in the total price, but they can vary from salon to salon and from pedicure service to pedicure service.

What’s The Difference Between a Full Set and a Manicure?

A lot of people confuse the two terms, but getting a manicure and a full set are two different services at most nail salons.

We’ll break down all the details on what makes these services different, but the main thing you need to know is that a full set deals with acrylics, while a manicure deals with your natural nails.

What’s a Full Set?

A complete set is when you get a brand new set of artificial nail tips for your natural nails. After that, a nail tech will apply acrylic powder, nail polish, or gel polish, depending on your preference.

You can ask for a manicure before getting a full set in most salons to clean up your nails. If you don’t ask for a manicure before getting a full set, most nail techs will go straight to adding nail tips instead of trimming your natural nails and cuticles. On the other hand, some salons include a manicure with their full set service.

What’s a Manicure?

A manicure is all about working with your natural nails. Your nail technician will trim and file your natural nails to your preferred length. They’ll also cut your cuticles and extract hangnails before applying the polish you prefer. You can get a gel manicure, a traditional manicure, or a DIP powder manicure.

Many times after they work on your nails and then apply your polish, they’ll apply lotion and massage your hands and arms. Before you leave, you’ll get cuticle oil to keep your fingers soft.

Tipping at a Nail Salon

Tipping your nail tech after they finish is standard, regardless of where you live in the United States. How much to tip at a nail salon will depend on several factors. What you’ll want to think about before you enter the amount for your tip or pull out your cash are:

  • How satisfied are you with your service
  • The total cost of your nails
  • The average tipping rate for nail salons

Most people will tip anywhere between 15-20% at a nail salon, with most people leaning closer to 18-20%.

Depending on how happy you are with the final result, you might choose to tip higher to show your appreciation for a job well done.

If you’re unsatisfied with your nails, thinking about whether they did anything to fix the issue before you tip is ideal. This way, you can tip based on if they helped correct the problem or did nothing about it.

Do You Have to Make an Appointment?

Some nail salons allow you to walk in, and they’ll serve you on a first-come, first-serve basis. Others require you to make an appointment. The best thing you can do is call and ask before you show up and are disappointed that you needed an appointment.


Finding a high-quality nail salon near you isn’t too challenging. Although it’s not difficult, it does require a little effort and research on your part.

Researching salons will help you find a salon that offers the services you want and is within your budget. Once you find a salon, make an appointment or call first to ensure they have walk-in availability.


Choosing a new nail salon near you can feel overwhelming. Here are some popular questions other people ask when they search for a nail salon near them.

How long does a full set last?

The better you take care of your set, the longer it will last. Most people can go two to three weeks before needing a fill, but some can go as long as four. Anything after four, and you’ll start to see a lot of growth which can take away from the beauty of your nails.

How much is a full set of acrylics?

The cost of a full set of acrylic nails depends on where you live, the salon you go to, the type of polish you choose to use, and if you want any nail art. Generally, a full set of acrylics will cost you anywhere from $40 to $60 but can be as high as $100.

Is $10 a good tip for nails?

Generally, $10 is an excellent tip for nails. It depends on what your total bill is, though. For example, if your bill is $100, a $10 tip isn’t great, but on a $35 nail bill, $10 is excellent.

How much do I tip for $100 nails?

On a $100 bill at the nail salon, you should tip between $15 and $20 if you want to tip between 15-20%.

How much do you tip for $35 nails?

You’ll want to tip anywhere from $5.25 to $7 on $35 nails if you’re basing your tip off the 15-20% tipping standard.


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